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About Us

Design Studios has been providing technology solutions and professional services to businesses in South Florida, and worldwide, since 2001. Design Studios was formed to provide computer network installations and maintenance for small businesses in the Miami area that did not have the technical resources available to their organization.

Over the past twelve years, Design Studios has expanded to a global reach. We now offer a wide range of Information Technology (IT) products, professional services and telecommunication services for local and international corporations and service providers.

Design Studios provides design, installation, integration, monitoring, maintenance, management, repair and support for computer networks, phone systems, storage arrays, imaging, surveillance systems, point of sales systems, applications, software, hardware, audio systems and video systems for both commercial and residential customers.

Our wide range of expertise ensures our clients that we are able to provide a solution and level of service that exceeds expectations every time.

We also offer global installation and integration services for Value Added Resellers (VAR), Telephone and Internet Service Providers (ISP), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and other Network Integrators (NI). The installation and integration services incorporate a wide range of technologies from TV, access control, point of sale, firewalls, routers, servers, workstations, printers, storage systems, electronic medical records, dial tone, wiring, punch down, DMARC, smart jack, routing tables, loop back testing, applications, operating systems, software, connectivity, wire line, satellite, radio, penetration testing, compliance audit, network documentation, presale evaluations, post sale testing, training and more.

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