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DS Asset Management

Design Studios provides assets tracking and inventory services to all of our clients. This service tracks where the physical and soft assets are located, who is using them, and the condition of the asset. It also holds information pertaining to the type and expiration of the warranty, software licenses, costs associated with maintenance and repair, age, and provides information to budget for the replacement of the asset through lifecycle management.

The key to building a successful growth plan and budget is maintaining a current and accurate documentation of assets. This service also allows for quick reference if an audit were to occur, and mitigates the risk of penalties and bad publicity for lost documents, licenses and registrations.

DS Lifecycle Management Program & Growth Plan

A Lifecycle Management Program allows for a company to prepare for the replacement of hardware and software that will be obsolete in the future. This program along with a Growth Plan will ensure that surprise expenses will be limited related to the corporate network. With a proper Lifecycle Management Program and Growth Plan, a corporation can grow and maintain their network with little surprise expenses and limited loss of productivity from technology users.

  • Software Licensing
  • Warranty Status
  • Inventory and Audit
  • Barcode labelling
  • Asset usage history
  • Condition coding
  • Lifecycle management
  • Proper equipment disposal
  • Location tracking
  • anti-theft (lojack)
  • Secure data wipe

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