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DS Backup

Design Studios provides complete offsite backup to businesses and home users anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection, and the software encrypts your data, transporting it to our secure and hardened data centers for storage on our world-class SAN (storage area network).

We also have a complete replication point several hundred miles away on our own privately-held fiber network so your data is completely secure and fully redundant. Any kind of data can be backed up from simple files, Outlook mail, databases, Quickbooks and anything else you can think of. Our DS Backup client works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and Novell.

Backing up and restoring data is a snap. All you need is an active internet connection. We don't cap you on the amount that you can transfer and if you need raw storage space, we can allocate that as well. The Backup program is automatic and will back up your data in the background while you work.

DSBackup only charges for you the data you backup, no minimums and no hardware required. All the data that is backed up will be protected in our secure facilities with restrictions on access (only the users you give permission to can access your data).

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