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DS Collocation

Design Studios offers collocation services in several locations including Miami, FL and Denver, CO and other locations internationally. Collocation services are offered to provide a secure, redundant and off-site location for mission critical network assets from application servers, storage devices and electronic delivery systems.

The locations are secure facilities that include environmental control, internet bandwidth redundancy through several carriers, harden facilities, redundant power systems, on-site power generation and multi-tier access control. Design Studios only partners with facilities where we collocate our mission critical assets.

Design Studios can help you with floor space, power, networking, racks and much more. Let us design the space you need to be most efficient. We can provide equipment rental, rackspace, onsite configuration, speeds from 1.5mbps to 1gbps, data storage and iscsi targets for SAN usage, managed services and more. IP space in any quantity is available as well.

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