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DS Documentation

Proper documentation of your computer network is the foundation for planning and budgeting the future growth and lifecycle of the network. Documentation consists of inventorying the assets, determining the configuration of each piece of hardware, password collection, MAC / IP address information, specific functions of each device, condition coding and detailed network diagrams.

Once the network has been documented properly, it can be expanded more efficiently and the current hardware can be used to its maximum potential, providing the largest possible return on investment (ROI).  

Having a detailed and accurate network diagram will allow you and your organization to understand how a new solution or technology will integrate with your current environment. This will eliminate or reduce the surprise expenses for additional hardware, software and licenses that you encounter with your new purchase. As the old saying goes “you need to know where you are before you can set a proper plan to reach your goals”. Contact Design Studios today to learn more about our documentation services.

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