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DS Hosting

Design Studios can provide you with anything from a virtual server to dedicated servers that are able to be turned over to you within a very short amount of time. We have [Bargain], [Performance] and [Enterprise] servers with Microsoft Windows or Linux available.

Design Studios can manage the servers for you, or turn the management to them over to you, or your internal staff. All of the possibilities for hosting: Hosted PBX, email, application, webservers, electronic delivery systems, storage and disaster recovery solutions.

Have a simple website and need email?
Design Studios can provide it.

Are you planning on [collocating] your existing servers into a safe and secure environment?
Design Studios can do that.

Do you want to setup a new server and rent it every month with your bandwidth and power?
Design Studios can do that.

Let our expert engineers plan a hosting and collocation deployment for you and your organization.

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