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DS Internet Services

Wired and Wireless
Design Studios will provide you with any number of internet links at any location in the country. Select markets can be provided with broadband over radio (wifi, wimax) and we also provide wired internet (DSL, T1, fiber) in most areas of the country. We will help you grow from a single DSL connection, to a fully redundant fiber system for long and short haul.

We provide a single point of entry and managed networks for anyone from a small office / home office to multifamily dwellings. Our internet is different than cable internet in that it is a guaranteed dedicated circuit. We can also provide you with firewall and managed security and network services to keep your network running the way it should.

Design Studios also provides broadband over radio, which can be setup in as few as two days for temporary events, or it can be permanently installed in your office. Our bandwidth spectrum covers 1.54mbps - 100mbps circuits.

Typically our internet service offerings are 20%-40% less than the big guys! Contact us today to learn more about our internet service offerings and determine which solutions is right for your business needs.

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