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DS Managed Services

Design Studios Managed Network Services offers a customizable solution to meet your individual business needs with the maintenance, support and management of your unique corporate computer network environment. Managed Services is broken down into three different service levels:

                    • Complete Managed Services
                    • Co-Managed Services
                    • Emergency Managed Services

Complete Managed Services offers our clients a solution that provides three cross-trained network engineers that monitor, maintain, support and managed your corporate computer network environment. The lead engineer will provide support while on-site for a set number of mandatory hours per week or month. In the event of an emergency, one of the three engineers will provide support on-site or remotely within four hours.

The program allows for a business to have an IT department for significantly less than employing a full time or part time IT manager. All trouble ticket issues can be submitted VIA phone, e-mail, or through a web portal ticketing system.

Complete Managed Services provides your organization with the peace of mind that your technology assets are being maintained according to best practices, manufacturer recommendations and industry standards. In the event of an emergency, you will not only have a engineer who is familiar and trained on your unique environment, but will also be familiar with your staff, procedures, needs, hardware, software, applications and overall business.

Co-Managed Services works in conjunction with your current IT staff or technology resource. Design Studios will provide network support services, monitor the network and have three cross-trained engineers to the unique corporate computer network. This service allows the current IT staff to pass overflow trouble tickets to the Design Studios engineers and allows for our engineers to provide support of special projects.

In the event of vacation, sick leave or any other event Design Studios is able to provide support without having the hurdle of a learning curve. The internal IT Staff will have access to Design Studio's online trouble ticketing system and knowledge base. Co-Managed Services ensures that your organization has the technical expertise at its fingertips 24x7x365.

Emergency Managed Services provides an insurance policy for your corporate computer network. Design Studios will monitor the network and keep three cross-trained engineers available for special projects, sick leave or any other event. This service is often called our "hit by a bus". In the event that your IT person was hit by a bus, Design Studios will have an engineer on-site who is already familiar with your staff, policies, procedures and network, filling in seamlessly.

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