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DS Multilocation

Design Studios can plan your multi-location network. Most companies have remote employees, home users, traveling employees and multi locations across the country and internationally. Design Studios is able to provide solutions to ensure that your employees and assets have access to your corporate computer network in real-time.

Many companies find it challenging to operate efficiently when employees are not in the office. However, Design Studios has products, services and applications that will allow out-of-the-office-employees to work seamlessly with your network, employees and clients.

Do you have users who travel and need to be in touch with the office? Do you have remote sales offices or other facilities? Do you want to use a single phone system across the company (North America & internationally)? Do you want to have a safe and secure network?

Contact Design Studios today to find out how we can build a customized solution for your business to increase efficiencies and lower expenses.

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